AV Voice Changer v4.0 Diamond (Voice Changing Software)

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AV Voice Changer v4.0 Diamond (Voice Changing Software)

Post  Rame on Fri Sep 14, 2007 1:53 pm

AV Voice Changer v4.0 Diamond (Voice Changing Software) | 14.7 MB

Voice changing program for voice chat rooms and PC-to-Telephone connections.
Ideal for Internet Users. Change the voice in real time, high-quality and natural voice
output to any other`s voice (baby, girl, boy, old man, old woman, robot... voice). By adjusting
the pitch and timbre level to make your voice deeper or thinner, male or female, you can have a changed voice output with top secret, safe and funny.

Voice Changer Software AV VCS with its DirectX support is a special program for Voice Chat Rooms
(AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Yahoo! Messenger (YIM), MSN Messenger, ICQ, Paltalk, Odigo, Trillian,
NetMeeting...), Voice Enabled Instant Messengers, Voice E-mail applications, online voice games
(using with Roger Wilco, Micsoft Game Voice...), Audio Video Conferencing and PC-to-Telephone programs
(Net2Phone, Dialpad, Go2Call, DeltaThree, MaxPhone...) as well as Media, Players, Recorders and DVD, CD,
Karaoke Players.

Apart from other voice changers, Voice Changer Software changes your voice over internet in real time and acquires unlimited number of new voices. You can modify voice by changing voice pitch and voice timbre, applying effects, adjusting advanced tuner, and setting equalizer.

By changing your voice to any voice of male, female, teen, baby..., you can disguise your voice in voice chat, PC phone, online gaming, voice mail, voice messages. You can try different tones to enhance your voice for better sex appeal or better impression.

Voice Changer Software helps you make many different voices for movie, cartoon, story telling, presentation, audio story. It also changes voice of music, add effects for listening or recording to new file.

Voice changer Software has a sound recorder, which allows you to record voice, sound, audio from any source including microphone, internet radio, chat, phone, message, media player, karaoke singing...

Voice Changer Software now has Voice Comparator to compare your changed voice with another's voice. It tells you how successful you are done and what need further adjustment to imitate or simulate that target voice.

Voice Changer Software is quite simple to use with various presets available for you to pick and apply: audio effects, "nickvoices", and equalizer settings. Also, you have more control over the software such as exclude certain audio streams or application out of modifying process and manage you list of "nickvoice" effects, equalizer settings.

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