SWiSH Studio v2.0 Build

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SWiSH Studio v2.0 Build

Post  Rame on Fri Oct 12, 2007 6:39 pm

SWiSH Studio v2.0 Build
SWiSH Studio2 Create flash applications and screensavers. Convert Flash movies to EXEs, screensavers or burn to CD-ROM and DVD.

Create Flash Applications and Screensavers
SWiSH Studio2 lets you convert your SWF files to projector executables, screensavers or burn directly to a CD-ROM and DVD in three easy steps. SWiSH Studio2 is packed with features that will have you creating your own Flash applications in no time.

SWiSH Studio2 is jam packed with features that make converting your SWF files to projector executables, screensavers or burning directly to a CD-ROM or DVD a simple and painless experience. Here are just some of the features that make SWiSH Studio2 so powerful.

> Window Skins & Styles
Select from an extensive range of window styles, including windowless, transparent background, irregular shaped, customisable titles and icons.
SWiSHstudio2 now supports window skins for projector files. We supply 30 great designs but you can either modify these skins or design your own to customise your own look.

> Frame By Frame Capture
Convert one or more frames of your Flash movie to any popular image format.
Print one or more frames of your Flash movie direct to your printer.

> Playlist Selection
Select the SWF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, WMF, EMF or HTML files you wish to combine.
Preview all files prior to selection..
Select the playing order for these file.
Set the playing time for each file.
Set the background music, all the popular audio file formats supported.

> Edit Settings
Control your movie's size and position on the screen aswell as it's window state.
Allow users to interact with your movies with keyboard and mouse controls.
Set play back controls such as looping, auto play or place time limits on how long an exe will remain playable.
Select the context menu items and about box to display with your movie.
Watermarking feature to brand and/or protect your products.

> Publish
Publish your movie as a standalone projector executable.
Publish your movie as a DVD or CD, fully supports autorun and SWF preloaders.
Convert your Flash movies into windows screensavers.
Multiple screen savers can be bundled into a single executable.

> Advanced Features
You can extend the power of Studio2's FSCommands using ActiveX. If you have access to VB (Visual Basic) you can easily create your own ActiveX components to dramatically increase the power of the available FSCommands.
FSCommand support (listed in the documentation), including file I/O, registry functions, window functions, ODBC database support and other misc functions.
Documentation on creating your own custom FSCommand DLL.
Uses a Dependencies Palette which enables the user to bundle together any support files that a projector exe might need.

Download from Rapidshare
rapidshare.com SWiSH.Studio.v2.0.Build.Date.09.05.2007_by_shanu.rar

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