My Heart Is Broken- Evanescence Music Video Enjoy & Download

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My Heart Is Broken- Evanescence Music Video Enjoy & Download

Post  moyea1989 on Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:35 pm

Evanescence is back. At this point comes their brand new music video- "My Heart Is Broken". It is the fourth track on Evanescence? s self-titled album. The music video got released online on January 23, 2012. The singing of the band Amy Lee is one of the few artists that can reach into someone's heart and put feelings that seemed indescribable into a song that helps it all sound right. In a interview, Amy noted how the song was inspired simply by her involvement with all the organization Restore NYC rather than romantic heartbreak as the title of the song might suggest.
Check out "My Heart Is Broken" music video of Evanescence.
Download the elegant music video "My Heart Is Broken" down to your mobile device.
Get AllMyTube for Mac first download videos from YouTube.
-Have the application installed. Run it.
-Start Safari, head over to YouTube. Find out the music video of "My Heart Is Broken". Participate in it. Then, there are three easy approaches to download online video off immediately:
Click the Download button that appears at the top of the video; input the video URL to download, or drag and drop URL into the icon of AllMyTube for Mac on deck.
The work will probably be included with downloading queue automatically. Downloading process will probably be finished in seconds.
-Go to "Library", pick videos you want to convert and click on "Convert" button in the bottom.
-After you click the "Convert" button, a box could appear, asking you to choose the target video format and where you should save the output files. You ought to get the format or device you will need in the format drop-down list and the place to save output files. Here we choose MP3 or MP4 or other compatible formats of your mobile device as output format.


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