Tips on how to change PowerPoint to MP4 for Iphone4S?

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Tips on how to change PowerPoint to MP4 for Iphone4S?

Post  moyea1989 on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:12 pm

Do you wish to look at PowerPoint file on your Iphone 4S? do you want to look at a completely PowerPoint file on your Iphone 4S with all the original animations, images, background music? This paper will certainly introduce an ideal solution to observe a completely PowerPoint file on Iphone 4S as well as take a little space. simply change the PowerPoint to MP4 on a computer and then observe it on Iphone4S.
Now, please follow me to change PowerPoint to MP4 with a PowerPoint to video converter, with which we can not only change PowerPoint to MP4 but also personalize the background music and also transition time.
Get the trail version PowerPoint to video converter here.
Step 1: run the program and load the PowerPoint file
Batch alteration is provided. Click the add icon to load PowerPoint file. Preview the original PowerPoint file on the view screen.

Set MP4 as the output video format and also designate a folder for it.
Step 2: audio and also video settings
Just click “settings” and change the audio and also video parameters here. Iphone 4S contains a 3. 5 inches touch screen with a 960*640 pixels resolution. we are able to directly change the video size into 960*640 pixels.
Step 3: change PowerPoint to MP4
Finally push the start icon to change PowerPoint to MP4. The program might show you the PowerPoint to MP4 transforming process and also open the output folder for you after the alteration. just enjoy the video and also sync it to your Iphone 4S.
Tips: how to add background music for the output video.
If you want to add background music on the whole video so it won’t be boring to look at the file on Iphone4S, you'll be able to simply click “customize” and also choose “Music” to set the background tunes.



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