Tutorial: learn how to convert PowerPoint to AVI

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Tutorial: learn how to convert PowerPoint to AVI

Post  moyea1989 on Thu May 10, 2012 12:58 am

Do you intend to observe your PowerPoint on computer systems and also portable devices that has no PowerPoint tools? do you intend to share your PowerPoint demonstration with others on the net? This paper should introduce you an easy method to view your PowerPoint on devices with no PowerPoint tool and also add your PowerPoint presentation on the net.
In fact, you just need change PowerPoint to a common video format like AVI. To convert PowerPoint to AVI is actually a simple procedure if you use a PowerPoint to video converter. an expert PowerPoint to video converter will not solely assist you to to convert PowerPoint to AVI but also permit you to customise a few selections.
First obtain the PowerPoint to video converter and start the transformation as beneath:

1. Run the program and also add the PowerPoint file.
Add the source PowerPoint file to the program just by clicking on “Add”. And then, you'll click on the control keys beneath the view screen to preview the initial PowerPoint file.
2. Set the output
In “Profile”, you ought to select the output video format as AVI. And then designate a folder for the produce video in “Output”.
3. Customise
Next, simply click “Customize” to set the transition time, music, audio, slide and also conversion of the PowerPoint to AVI converting. The transition time between slides ought to be not less than SIX seconds. also you are able to add music for the output video.
4. Audio and also video settings
Set the audio and also video parameters of the developed video through push “Settings”. Bite rate, audio and also video codec, video size and a lot of parameters might be modified.
5. Convert PowerPoint to AVI
And finally, return to the main interface and click on “start” to begin converting PowerPoint to AVI. This PowerPoint to video converter should show you the changing procedure and also open the output folder for you after the transformation.


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