Tips on how to Rip Blu-ray DVD to Video clip on Mac?

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Tips on how to Rip Blu-ray DVD to Video clip on Mac?

Post  moyea1989 on Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:21 am

How do you take a complete movie on disc to create a video copy? For copying and converting DVD disc content, utilizing DVD ripper, the ripping will be settled easily. The necessary tools for DVD ripping are DVD R/W drive and a DVD ripper which is all over the Internet. Identical to DVD ripping, converting Blu-ray disc films to video clips require disc drive and professional Blu-ray ripper as well. Please note that only few computers equipped with Blu-ray drive originally, most of them are embodied with DVD drive. Hence, you need to get a Blu-ray drive for your computer before Blu-ray ripping. Blu ray ripper is everywhere onlie, google it and get one. Then, follow up below guides to rip Blu ray DVD on Mac.
Step1. Import Blu-ray content to Blu ray Ripper for Mac
Insert disc into Blu-ray drive and run the ripping application. Drag as well as drop or click Load BD button on the menu bar to import Blu-ray source to Blu ray Ripper. You can also import DVD or perhaps Blu ray/DVD folder.
Step2. Set output format
Click on the clickable icon in the end of every BD file to enter Profile panel. Leawo Blu ray Ripper has supplied various output format and devices for you to choose from. You can also search your needed format or gadget in the search bar.

Step3. Configurations
To meet your device more precisely, you can click + button to set the parameter for output video and audio, such as video and audio codec, quality, bit rate, frame rate, and so on.

Step4. Rip Blu-ray DVD
Return to the home software and click on "Convert" switch to start to rip Blu-ray. You can set after-done settings for emergency.


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