A super easy guide of converting FLV to MP4 on a Mac laptop

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A super easy guide of converting FLV to MP4 on a Mac laptop

Post  moyea1989 on Tue Jul 31, 2012 9:43 pm

MP4 is one of the most frequency-used movie file formats on the globe. The MP4 is really a container format, letting a combination of audio, video, subtitles and still photographs to be kept in the a single file. It also allows for advanced content such as 3D graphics, menus as well as user interactivity. If you ever noticed, you can find A MP4 file can be effectively accepted by simply nearly all media players, cellular phones and video sharing websites. Consequently, converting FLV to MP4 will make the original source video much more compatible with all sorts of media players and cellular phones such as PSP.
Following, this article is going to bring in a super easy approach to convert FLV to MP4 on a Mac computer. Here we need the aid of a FLV converter, that could proficiently finish the transformation with lossless quality. What’s more, it's a friendly user interface, consequently it's quite simple to operate.
Step 1: input FLV movies

Run the FLV converter as well as click on the add icon to input the FLV movies. Or maybe you can import several movie files for batch transformation. Right after brought in movies, double click on the movie file for previewing.
Step 2: output settings
Click on the button before 3D to select output format as MP4 from the common video tab. For more audio as well as video settings, push “+” to enter into the settings panel, where you are permitted to adjust audio as well as video parameters like bite rate, video codec, video size, video quality, etc.
Step 3: converting FLV to MP4
Following all the things have been finished, you’d better get back on the main interface as well as click on “convert” to implement converting FLV to MP4.


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